Remote work has transformed from being a dream to an absolute reality for many people, as due to the Pandemic the work dynamics had to evolve overnight. Working from home went from being a niche decision some companies had to take, to an unavoidable and gigantic shift in the way that people work around the world. Along with several other factors, this has definitely changed the way we work forever, and now there’s no going back. Getting work done from home especially when your surrounding environment doesn’t permit you can be quite frustrating and can hamper one’s productivity. Though the most crucial learning we received from the Covid-19 outbreak was to conduct all our work remotely from home, but there are still a lot of challenges faced while implementing the same.

1. Collaboration & Communication

Communication is What Makes a Team Strong” – Brian Mclennan

Efficient communication with your colleagues and co-workers is vital for collaborating & brainstorming unique business ideas. Given the distance because of working from home it has just widened the communication gap between the employees, restricting them from collaborating efficiently.

2.Difficult to manage the time zone

It is difficult to interact with your colleagues when you are in a different continent, which indeed makes collaborating and working together difficult to establish a cordial relationship especially a virtual one. This particular challenge can be conquered with inVC, a virtual meeting platform, which empowers you to collaborate with your team instantly. You can make effective presentations virtually, have productive discussions, and come up with unique ideas to boost your business.

  • Not being able to prioritize work

With various distractions all around, while you work from home, it becomes difficult to prioritize work because of being distracted by family and kids. It lacks the environment to generate genuine focus and concentration to work.

  • Difficult to train the Employees

Remote work has made it extremely difficult for the managers to train and educate the newly joined employees and co-workers, making it hard for them to learn the company’s policies, culture and working pattern. When the employees are working remotely, it becomes harder to identify those who are facing difficulties.

  • Connectivity Barrier

Having a strong internet connection is essential for working from home and staying connected with your team but it is also the biggest barrier when it comes to remote work. Without good connectivity, a seamless virtual interaction with your team becomes next to impossible.

How to overcome the challenges related to Working from Home –

Most remote workers look at tech-platforms as a good substitute for an in-person virtual contact with their colleagues. According to Zippia, 65% of teleworkers prefer video conferencing and instantly connecting platforms as a good substitute for the Developing that intuitive in-person virtual bond with their teams. Despite the unfortunate circumstances, many workers have grown fond of the flexibility and time gained by not having to commute to work every day.

Source: Statista

Here’s how we can overcome the challenges mentioned above – With inVC video conferencing solution and Grow as the business expands.

  1. Collaborate & communicate efficiently, inVC supports video meetings with anyone across the globe, along with several other extravagant features that’ll empower you to collaborate with your team, clients or business partners instantly and effortlessly.

You can develop effective presentations, have productive discussions, and come up with unique and different ideas to boost-up your business value & profitability.

  • Manage the difference of time zones by scheduling Video Meetings at anytime and from anywhere with our exclusive WebRTC based solution, breaking the barrier of distance and time between you and your team while ensuring maximum security.

Create a 3-dimensional digital world just like an in-person physical world with no agony about any Connectivity Barrier, or internet availability. With this flawless video meeting solution inVC, experience unbeatable and qualitative conferencing even with low network and bandwidth connectivity.

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