Supports any WebRTC capable browser

Application Sharing

Presentation Sharing

No Downloads

Advanced Control

inVC Pro MCU supports the H.323, SIP, and WebRTC communication procols while allowing H.263, H.264, H.264HP, H.261, VP8, and many other video compression algorithms. The perfect multipoint conference function defines its capability in video conferencing.

MCU Capability

The WebRTC deployed into the system triggers interoperability with H.323 and improves connection ability among participants. The Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) also establishes proper dial-in or dial-out from web servers with advanced continuous presence.

  • 128-bit AES encryption
  • TTLS for video security
  • SRTP for data transportation security


inVC Pro - For Intelligent Video Conferencing

Secure – Recordable – Collaborative

Meeting capability with inVC Pro

It supports the 10/16/20/24/30/50 points 1080P HD Conference with different rates of terminal access to the same conference. The meetings can be conducted with the support of call bandwidth between 64Kbps and 8Mbps along with terminal encryption initiation mode.

inVC Pro Video Conferencing MCU

On-Cloud Features

Conference Scheduling With Recurring Schedule

Pre-schedule your video conference meetings and keep the staff or clients prepared well in advance. inVC provides the recurring schedule support.

Dedicated Virtual Rooms

Enhance participation easily with video conferencing ready rooms recorded on the cloud. The setup can help meet anytime or for on-demand conferencing.

BYOD – Bring Your Own Device Support

Connect from the device of your choice and convenience with SIP. Supports the desktops, laptops, mobiles, or other devices from your meeting rooms.

Easy Conference Room

Easy Conference Room User Management ensures employees use the spaces as intended. Our solutions provide privacy while functional for larger groups.

Dual Screen Support

Sharing multiple screens simultaneously can help understanding better. Real time comparison of documents and materials can be cropped at once using inVC Pro.

Switching Architecture With Need

The advanced continuous presence of 9 participants in forwarding architecture can be quickly swapped to up to 25 participants in mixing architecture.

Rich Conferencing Features

Large video room, video mixing layout switch, cloud recording, VAD layout control, advanced management with H.323 for your video conferencing meetings.

Outlook & Gmail Integration

inVC PRO video conferencing MCU is equipped with integrated Gmail and Outlook, which makes it easy to send video meeting invitation emails to your guests.

File & Desktop Sharing

High-Quality screen sharing feature, with no add-on needed to install in your browser. Share your files, screen, applications and even desktop with a simple click.

Firewall Traversal

Built-in smart capability supports connection through enterprise firewalls and proxies. This enables rich video conferencing with minimal port opening.

Unlimited Recordings

Video meeting recording upto 1GB is included. Record and save, and share important meetings and training sessions on your own server for a future review.

Initiate Meeting With Single Click

Invite Participants with a simple email invitation link. Join the video conferencing meeting without any login required for participants invited with a link.

Secured Communication Over Https

inVC Pro adds a layer of security over the transmitted audio and video data over https protocol rolling through the computer network and internet.

Multi-Party Video Conferencing

With automatic intelligent adaption to varying bandwidth, inVC video conferencing is the most preferred choice for users and network administrators.

Person To Person P2P Calls

inVC PRO video conferencing MCU on cloud helps create real-time connections between users via browsers or servers supporting the WebRTC protocols.

No Downloads

WebRTC supports conferencing over browsers including google chrome, internet explorer, safari, and more without extra downloads or plugins.

Supports Full HD

Attend meetings depending on bandwidth, using FullHD 1080p (2.5 Mbps required), HD 720p (1.4 Mbps required), or VGA 480p (512 Kbps required).

Collaboration & Sharing Tools

Explore a lot of options during conferencing including Screen share, Document share, Interactive whiteboard, Group and Private chat, and many more.

Sub Domain With Company Name

You can create dedicated company sub-domain or URL for personalised meetings by using the admin panel and ease use for employees.

Dependable Reliability

With intelligent dynamic resolution switch and bitrate adjustment, 50% less bandwidth is consumed for your video conference meetings.

Recording (Server End) – Optional

An optional server for recording and storing meetings at server end can be set up as per business requirement even at SIF 240p (256 Kbps required).

Company Logo In Meetings – Optional

inVC Pro video conferencing MCU allows you to create your own branding on the video conferencing meetings by adding company logo.

Multi Camera Support – Optional

Multi cam configuration can be integrated real-time with the PTZ camera support. The video conferencing meetings can be recorded and stored.

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