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What Makes inVC Highly Effective?

Conduct Meeting At Low-Bandwidth

inVC overcomes the issue of low bandwidth and functions on optimization while ensuring the users always have a smooth experience during video conferencing.

Connectivity From Any Device

Achieve productivity while working on any device, including browsers, smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Access our robust compatible software with automatic updates.

Adaptive Bitrate Video Streaming

Small video windows do not need high-quality video streams. So we help you switch to lower quality streams and improve retention for live content according to screen size.

Get Started Immediately

A user-friendly interface enables users to quickly understand how to use the software. If lost, the built- in quick search option helps you on your way.

Grow As Your Organisation Expands

InVC is scalable and can easily adaptable to the increasing size of your organisation, from a handful of users to thousands. It provides seamless experiences to everyone.

Ensure Data Security

All content on delivery is protected with AES 128- bit encryption, effectively minimizing security breaches and disruptions while controlling access.

Customize Your Package

InVC offers predefined packages, but is adaptable in its pricing to develop a package that meets your organization’s specific requirements.

Quick Connect To Support Team

The support team helps to set up meetings for your organization and offers training. Our staff provides instant support upon the occurrence of any technical or other issues.

SFU Simulcast and SVC support

SFU and SVC combine to form a quality bitrate video stream and suffices client requirementswith respective bandwidths, while Simulcast helps video steam encode twice.


inVC- For Quality Video Conferencing

Simple – Secure – Scalable

inVC For Client Communicaitons

Engaging- Convenient- Empowering

Avoid Cancellation
Allow clients to choose the date and time of a meeting as per their convenience via scheduling. Build growth by creating a repeatable process to add procedures successfully and educating internal staff on how to prefer a videoconference to run
Maintain Attention
The intelligent sync ensures that the client is focused on the same part of the screen you want him/her to focus on. Noises over videoconference are often amplified, but with InVC, the inroom echo is negligible and reduces the distraction.
Instant Data-Share
The business generally deals with the numbers, including the data, bottom line, and metrics. InVC makes vendors work easier while sending messages, images, videos, and other essential documents when approaching the client during the conference.
Setup Easy Conference Calls
Send clients a customized link to join the conference, and they don’t require installing an app or signing up for participating. InVC video conferencing system is purpose-built for the meeting and designed for capturing high-quality video feeds
Distinguish Your Brand
Incorporate logo and color palettes to maximize the impact of your business via custom branding. Showcase the capabilities and results of businesses to elevate the brand. Obtain the adaptable nature of being seen everywhere and by everyone.
Secure & Central Management
Manage video meetings, events, and virtual meeting rooms with enterprise-grade security. inVC provides the potential to take complete control of your online video meetings with robust security features while protecting clients’ and customers’ data.


Security & Data Backup

As Meetings will be hosted on your server on- premises, the safety of your data will be entirely your responsibility. On Cloud, Meetings is hosted on our servers, and we promise an enterprise grade security system with end-to-end encryption and protection from loss of data.

Deployment Time

Deployment on Cloud server is instant as it does not require any IT interference from the client side. On-premises, due to the degree of customisation and integration with client IT infrastructure, the standard deployment time will depend on the size and complexity of the client organisation.


On Cloud, software upgrades happen automatically, and on a regular basis to enhance user experiences. On-premise, the software upgradations work on an on-demand basis and over a higher degree of customization.

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